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Client Resources

City of Henderson, NV – Customer Story

I have been involved with test writing and development in the public sector since 1992, and CritiCall is one of the best testing tools for public...

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A Resource for Testing in the Fire Service Industry

Resource for developing balanced & defensible assessments Dan Biddle, Ph.D. and Stacy L. Bell-Pilchard, M.S. recently published Testing in the Fire...

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Article: Hire for Skill and Attitude

A recent hiring trend encourages managers to hire job applicants based on attitude more than skill. In this Fall, 2012 article in The Call, Dr. Jim...

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3 Resources for Understanding Pre-Employment Testing

[ View the story “3 Resources for Understanding Pre-Employment Testing” on Storify]

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Article: Using a Telephone to Improve the Effectiveness of the Pre-Employment Selection Process

Public agencies are constantly looking for ways to make their employee selection process more effective without it being more costly. One of the...

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