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Welcome to the CritiCall User’s Group!


The CritiCall User’s Group offers the latest information, training, and access to assistance about using CritiCall. In addition to the User’s Group web pages, CritiCall User’s Group member organizations are exclusively invited to attend special training and educational seminars that are held concurrently with national public-safety telecommunicator conferences (dates and times to be announced).

The CritiCall User’s Group is open to all organizations who are currently eligible for CritiCall Elite service. CritiCall Elite service (which includes access to the User Group web pages, unlimited toll-free technical support, and all CritiCall upgrades/updates) is provided at no additional charge for the first year after purchase of the software, and is available for a small yearly fee after that time.

Please contact us at 800-999-0438 if you would like CritiCall to host a User’s Group training/educational session in conjunction with a regional conference in your area.