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Yolo County

Yolo County

“As an ‘observer’ of the dispatch employees, I can say that the caliber of employees we have hired since implementing CritiCall has significantly improved. We’ve hired about fifteen this year and they are smart, inquisitive, motivated, excited, they learn quickly and appear to have a good work-ethic.

Prior to implementing CritiCall it was common for us to spend an entire day interviewing candidates only to have just one or two with which we were impressed enough to advance them to the background check phase; sometimes we didn’t have even one person at the end of the day! Since using CritiCall, our interview board members are advancing 70% to 80% of the candidates to the background check phase. As you recall, it took me a long time to implement CritiCall implemented, here. The benefits of using CritiCall have been validated and — having pushed for it — I feel a bit validated too!”

Marianne Wolf
Support Services Manager
Yolo County Communications Emergency Service Agency
, CA

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