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Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

“911 is a support system that very few people think about until they need to dial 911.  Our emergency communications center is the first voice of hope that anyone hears when calling for help. It impacts people in an extraordinary time of need. Our challenges and endeavors succeed because of our people involved, and by engaging the best people our organization can accomplish great deeds.

Our best assets are the people who work in our emergency communications center. The utilization of the CritiCall Pre-employment testing software affords our organization the ability to minimize the recruitment process time and ensure that our human resources are optimized so that best fit solutions are incorporated into our recruiting process. The fusion of the key characteristics, skills and traits required in emergency communication specialists is quickly identified with the CritiCall testing package.

Since deploying the CritiCall testing software into our recruitment process our turnover rate has decreased dramatically and operational performance has increased, creating greater employee satisfaction, morale, and optimal customer service to our key stakeholders and the community we serve.

In my 25 years of public safety emergency service I can say, without a doubt, that the development of the CritiCall testing software has been one of the most significant gains in the recruiting process in the arena of public safety.”

Kim Gutwin
Supervisor of Regional Communication EMS Division
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

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