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Can Agencies Use CritiCall Instead of the POST Dispatch Battery?

California Agencies, Know Your Options…

You can use CritiCall Testing Software instead of California P.O.S.T.’s Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery!

California Commission on POST’s Standard Section 1018[c] indicates that every public safety dispatcher candidate shall be subject to verbal, reasoning, memory, and perceptual abilities assessment, and that “[t]hese abilities shall be evaluated before hire to assure the presence of ability levels commensurate with performance of dispatcher duties, as measured by the POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery or alternative job-related tests of these abilities.” (italics added) CritiCall version 3.0 and higher is such a test!

Why should I consider using CritiCall for my agency?

Many agencies report that people who are hired after being tested using CritiCall are less likely to turnover and take less time to train. This has led to cost savings since the best applicant is chosen the very first time.

CritiCall tests all of the POST-mandated requirements, plus more!

CritiCall is specially designed to measure the skills and abilities needed for today’s complex, computerized dispatch environment. The test is self-administering and virtually self-scoring using a standard personal computer (or from a network, if you prefer). You can save money and save time by using CritiCall.