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Skill & ability testing is not an afterthought for us! CritiCall Testing Software is a division of Biddle Consulting Group, a human resources consulting firm — specializing in affirmative action, equal employment, testing & validation — with a history dating back to 1974. CritiCall Testing Software is a fusion of Biddle’s knowledge of testing and HR best practices and information gathered from a study involving over 45 police, fire and emergency services agencies from across the United States! [read our CritiCall user testimonials]

Experts like you helped to identify the critical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success in the high-stress dispatch environment and we put it into a simple, affordable software package called CritiCall, that has been used by over 1,000 public-safety agencies!

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CritiCall Dispatcher Software Test Descriptions

The CritiCall tests are designed to measure a series of skills and abilities necessary for success in the emergency services dispatch environment. See how the CritiCall Software has changed over the years.

When lives are at stake, all parties involved need to be certain that the call-taker or dispatcher has properly comprehended the situation and can make the right decisions. The work is high-stress, requires multi-tasking skills, and has little or no degree of acceptable error, and so finding the right person can be difficult.

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CritiCall Personality Testing for Dispatchers

The CritiCall Personality Test is based on the U. S. Department of Labor’s principle of using a whole-person approach to making selection decisions.

“Using a single test or procedure will provide you with a limited view of a person’s employment qualifications… On the other hand, using a variety of assessment tools enables you to get a more complete picture of the individual.”
–U.S. Dept of Labor. “Testing and Assessment: An Employer’s Guide to Good Practices”

CritiCall is offering a time-tested pre-employment personality test designed to gauge a dispatcher or calltaker job applicant’s fit before you hire them. The CritiCall Personality test helps employers improve their bottom-line results by examining job applicants’ fundamental personality traits, such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability, and so on.

The test is administered “online” via the Internet and is simple to use.

  • Simple to administer and use
  • Suitability report is emailed to agency upon completion of each test
  • Suitability report makes a “no,” “moderate,” or “high” fit recommendation
  • Pay-per-test structure
  • Criterion-related validity evidence of job success
  • No adverse impact against any group anticipated

System Requirements: Internet access with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher or Navigator 6.2 or higher. While the test is self-administering, it MUST be proctored to insure its security.

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Fill out the Contact Form and Download the CritiCall Demo Today! Complete the request form and Download a trial copy of  CritiCall today!