CritiCall Software History

Major CritiCall
Upgrade Components
Version Number
1.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 3.6 4.0 4.5 4.6 5.0
Beta version – limited release                  
General release with 17 test modules included        
Approved by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training
Memory Recall-Numeric (Audio) test        
Validation Wizard to determine validity of tests
and determine cutoff scores
Test Writer to create custom multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-blank tests                  
Multi-media (written and recorded-audio) test instructions        

Addresses Section 1018C California Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) dispatcher testing requirements 

Reading Comprehension, Spelling, & Sentence Clarity tests        
Dynamic test reliability calculator        
Simplified vocal-response scoring feature        
Response interlock to prevent accidental skipping of test questions                  
Shortened Decision-Making test

Reduced testing time


Addresses CALEA’s skill-testing selection standards

Multiple-hurdle testing option         CritiCall
Test Creation Wizard for choosing job-related modules         CritiCall          
Call Summarization 2-MT test

3 times the

Candidate score-report enhancements                  
CritiCall Toolbox feature                  
Automated invalid test-removal mechanism                  
Keyboarding test; user can also create custom versions

Keyboarding test for 21st Century

Early test-exit warning enhanced                  
Data Entry-MTData Entry (Audio)-MT tests

Five times more multi-tasking

Automated Pass/Fail indicator, with associated report options                  
Allows custom three- to nine-digit ID number                  
Improved multi-tasking instructions & item-response tools                  
Updated menus, including links to documents & easier access to tools                  
Improved countdown time clock & instructions                  
Suburban/Rural Map-Reading test                  
Map Reading and Reading Comprehension tests shortened

Reduced Testing Time

Score exporting feature & related reports greatly enhanced                  
Composite overall score– Allows ranking by a single overall T-Score                  
Option to print only last four digits of test taker’s ID number

Increased test-taker confidentiality

Option to automatically stop testing if a “stand alone” test is failed                  
Option for 3 to 9 digit/letter alpha-numeric identification numbers

Even better identity protection

Enhanced score reports with graphical data presentation                  
Bilingual English/Québécois French Data Entry-MT (Audio) and Call Summarization 2-MT (Audio) test modules                  
Optional video-based test instructions                  
List of those who passed all tests in an AutoTest Code automatically created                  
Download overall scores for use in Excel or other database programs                  
Vista/Windows 7 compatible                  

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