Public-Safety Dispatcher/Calltaker Pre-Employment Testing

CritiCall Criterion Validation Study: Florida Highway Patrol[Video: Dr. Jim Kuthy Explains the FHP Validation Study Results]

Save time and money by reducing turnover! Research indicates that 80% of newly-hired telecommunicators who leave before the end of their probation do so because they had inadequate job-related knowledge, skills and abilities. But how is an agency to discern between those who are able and those who are not? CritiCall is the answer. CritiCall is software that tests dispatcher, calltaker, and telecommunicator applicants for critical skills & abilities necessary for success in today’s complex — and stressful — dispatching environment. Find out how CritiCall can help you!

Public Safety Dispatcher Exams Public Safety Dispatcher Exams

Hiring dispatchers and calltakers is a huge responsibility. CritiCall makes the daunting task of pre-employment testing a little easier with software that closely simulates the computerized technology of today’s dispatch environment reducing employee turnover. CritiCall can help agencies to lower turnover rate, decrease training time, test job-related skills, measure computer skills, save money, automate pre-employment testing, and more.

Along with testing the skills & abilities necessary for success in the emergency services dispatch environment, we also offer a time-tested pre-employment personality test designed to gauge a dispatcher or calltaker job applicant’s fit before you hire them. Now you can truly test the whole person.

Are you looking for non-emergency call center testing? C4, a sister product of CritiCall, may be just what you’re looking for. C4 is an adapted version of CritiCall for the commercial, non-emergency contact call center. []

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