Video: CritiCall and Florida Highway Patrol Validation Study

In this video presentation, Dr. Jim Kuthy:

  • Provides an overview of the studies that demonstrate the effectiveness the CritiCall Dispatcher Pre-employment Testing Software
  • Reviews the outcomes of those studies
  • Provides information to current and future CritiCall users about the importance of such studies
  • Offers additional PSAP’s the opportunity to participate criterion-related validation study
    for no charge or obligation
    • Participation in this free study can result in evidence that CritiCall testing is fair and job-related (i.e. valid) for those PSAP’s that provide data

If your PSAP would like to participate in the free criterion-related validation study, please contact Dr. Jim Kuthy at 800-999-0438 or by email at

For more information about the Florida Highway Patrol validation study:

Pre-employment Testing Software Provides Defensibility (Video)

In this video, Mike Callen, Vice President of Products at Biddle Consulting Group, discusses one of the most important reasons to use pre-employment testing software in your organization – defensibility.