TactiCall Training Software

Post-Hire Dispatcher Training Software

CritiCall Testing Software is proud to announce the release of its new 100% self-guided, customizable, TRAINING program! TactiCall Training Software for dispatchers and call-takers focuses on two very important job domains that are critical to maintaining public safety:

TactiCall Post-Hire Dispatcher Training SoftwareSpeech

  • Maintaining Voice Clarity
  • Using Proper Volume
  • Speaking at a Proper Pace
  • Selection of Appropriate Words


  • Following Your Agency’s Step-Wise Processes
  • Responding to Verbal Cues
  • Consistency in Application Instructions

TactiCall Training Software is:

  • Self-Administering
    Requires no supervisor oversight
  • Self-Scoring
    Built-in voice recognition software listens for scored key words
  • Customizable
    Create any number of realistic training call scenarios
  • Life-Like
    Dispatchers hear callers and must respond appropriately

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